Ann Parker, Global Quality Director, Cosma International

Trevor’s ability to mentor the concepts of responsibility and accountability through empowerment is what makes him a successful leader. He is able to drive the quality culture while increasing productivity by showing his team how to do the right things right. He successfully rolled out Get Quality Right the First Time Workshops including implementation of … Read More

Ogbo Awoke Ogbo, CEO Giantthoughts International Consulting

Trevor is a devoted and highly skilled people helper. Having him coach me at Sarasota, Fl. was an unforgettable experience in self discovery. During my engagement with Trevor, he was not just doing the coaching routine; he truly loved to see me succeed as a leader and poured out himself to make that happen! When … Read More

Nick D’Aloia, Managing Director – Powerhouse

Trevor’s years of leadership experience working in manufacturing with diverse teams has enhanced his unique ability to build trust in people and gain their buy-in towards a common vision thus resulting in high performing teams. Trevor has always believed in working closely with individuals to develop them to achieve their greatest potential. – Nick D’Aloia, … Read More