Trevor Blondeel, founder of Operations Kickstart

Trevor Blondeel is an operations expert with over 25 year’s experience as a leader in the manufacturing industry. Launching Operations Kickstart in 2016, Trevor originally started with TNT Logistics supporting Ford, then spent most of his career in the progressive Magna International.  His passion for developing future leaders and his innate ability to assess operational issues has allowed him to help numerous organizations, in various sectors, reach their full potential.

Emotional Intelligence has become a cornerstone of his work.  While researching and interviewing key leaders in his niche of significant manufacturing facilities, how the key leaders ‘Show up’ became a recurring theme.

Emotional Intelligence is a core life changer in the leaders Trevor works with. Changing lives for the better by increasing client’s awareness of how they are seen by others, to drive personal behaviour changes and ultimately the results of their organization.  Certified through Genos International, a key leader in Emotional Intelligence, Trevor has authored pieces based on his research on this topic, that have been featured by Industry Week Magazine, EHSToday, and the KYCPA Journal.  This is the core of his keynote speaking profession.  

Backed by an Honours degree in Business Administration (Operations Management) from Brock University, Trevor is a proud graduate of the Center for Executive Coaching with a specialty in Manufacturing Leadership, where he gained additional coaching skills and techniques that empower him to help clients accelerate the achievement of their goals. He is a Professional Certified Coach, having received this designation from the International Coaching Federation, where he is an active member.

A sincere and passionate leader known for his upbeat style and results, Trevor is a Performance Partner with owners and leaders in the manufacturing field providing support to build on their skills and ultimately improve themselves and their organizations. Drawing on his own leadership experience, certifications, and world class assessment tools, Trevor guides leaders to successfully tackle major roadblocks by assessing current operations, identifying leadership and structural issues that must be addressed, and enabling employees to come up with solutions.

A "Rock Star Facilitator"

Impressed clients call Trevor a “rock star facilitator” who is grounded and authentic to work with.  He identifies people’s strengths and motivates teams to work together to reach new heights. Through active listening, and asking powerful, agitating, and sometimes raw questions, Trevor energizes participants in his workshops with his conversational style, to get out of their comfort zones.  Giving them the techniques and inspiration they need to adapt and thrive, relationships open, trust builds, and communication is improved by promoting accountability by having difficult conversations.

Trevor employs a simple, but powerful business philosophy that stresses emotional intelligence, harnessing employees’ creativity and continuously improving. Organizations that invest in their people not only improve efficiency and boost morale – they increase profits too!


Isn’t it time Trevor helped you Kickstart your Operations?

“Working with professionals whose commitment to excellence parallels our own, allow us to connect our clients with additional services that will help to ensure they become world class leaders.”

Trevor Blondeel, founder Operations Kickstart

The Team

Operations Kickstart has been fortunate to build longstanding relationships with some of the finest professionals in the industry. In addition to providing high quality programs and services for their own clients these valued associates partner with Operations Kickstart to offer coaching, facilitation, and business development skills that augment our own.

Katherine Englander

Katherine is an active member of the Human Resources Professionals and has combined over thirty years of Human Resources experience with business management and self-employment experience to guide her company, HR Partners 4 Business (HRP4B) Inc. She will evaluate your business plans, and company culture and review your desired outcomes to implement practical sustainable solutions.

She can provide audits to assist you in determining if you are compliant to employment legislation. Katherine stays current by teaching part time in the HR program at Fanshawe College and maintaining contact with the Ministry of Labour, as well as several employment lawyers.

Mike Hillman

Over his 20 years as a leader in the automotive sector, Mike established a skill set and a true expertise for developing leaders. Drawing on his Human Resources background and his gift for understanding what makes people tick, Mike finds ways to connect with each leader and employee to make sure every voice is heard.

No matter the scope of your organization, Mike can help it run more efficiently by providing training and development solutions that guide your employees to reach their full potential while eliminating waste, improving productivity, cultivating team dynamics, and enhancing systems that will have a positive impact on your bottom line. Visit Simply Advanced to learn more about the services Mike offers.

Diana Soares

With over 30 years of experience progressing through leadership roles in manufacturing, Diana’s passion is in coaching leaders. She is an expert getting teams rowing in the same direction, and helps organizations set expectations, prioritize responsibilities, and identify opportunities for improvement.

People get upset when she comes in to help, because they know she’s going to hold them accountable, but then cry when she’s leaves because she’s built a great relationship with them and guided them through their challenges. Diana is also a certified practitioner with Genos International, which gives her valuable insights into how to help others improve through emotional intelligence.

Genos International Practitioner