Showing up as your Best Self! 

Various organizations have invited Trevor to speak at their conference or internal event.  His passion for how we ‘Show up’ as our best self, engages audiences to brighten their awareness and take immediate action with new skills.

The interactive style, humour, and vulnerability show how Trevor has overcome his own blind spots, and offers an authentic experience.  This expert in Emotional Intelligence offers pragmatic advice on engaging leadership topics that not only motivate – they empower attendees! 

Whether you want a quick 15 minute talk, a breakout session or a keynote, Trevor is excited to speak to your group!


Why book Trevor?

EI is a core life changer in the leaders Trevor works with. Changing lives for the better by increasing client’s awareness of how they are seen by others, to drive personal behaviour changes and ultimately the results of their organization.  

While researching and interviewing key leaders in his niche of significant manufacturing facilities, how the key leaders ‘Show up’ became a recurring theme.


Show up, Connect and Engage: How Emotional Intelligence is the heartbeat of your workforce.

With more than two thirds of employees disengaged, your company is losing profits.  Developing Emotional Intelligence skills increases engagement and can give your company up to four times more the returns than you have now.  Whether you like it or not, your employee’s feelings cannot be left at the door.  How you show up effects how people feel, which impacts how they engage – and effects  everything in your organization including the bottom line.

Together we will explore brain science of emotional intelligence in a simple way, so you are ready to take action and leave with tactics to ignite yourself and your team.  You will learn to take those stressful intense workplace moments that stifle motivation and turn them to productive outcomes.

Be transformed into the aware leader and respond intentionally instead of reacting in how you process those emotions and feelings.  


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why leaders with high emotional intelligence are more successful
  • Discover the role of emotions when the brain is under stress
  • Recognize how emotions drive behaviors which drive results
  • Three ways you can use Emotional Intelligence tomorrow to engage your team

The share of manufacturing jobs held by women has remained essentially flat, fluctuating between 27 and 29 per cent since the mid-1980s, with no clear trend in any direction, according to the CME WIM Summary Report. The model below is key to shifting this necessary change.

The Manufacturing Leadership Model came into being as a result of the white paper written on this topic, three recurring themes resulted.


1/ The Leader’s Gap

The true source of energy comes from the one in charge and is powered by the ability to create a vision of purpose and inspire people.  This comes from the heart and soul of the leader The difference then lies in how that individual is ‘showing up’.   There is always some distance between how a leader thinks they are showing up to their team, verses how they are actually showing up.  The ability to close this gap is the key to success.

As the leader grows stronger, the gear turns smoother, and the operation gets the results.


2/ Structure and Systems

The gear itself represents the strength of the systems and structures in the organization.

By creating strength and stability in the gear with a leader that can apply the grease to keep things moving smoothly, only then can the entire company achieve success through everyone.


3/ The Actions 

With this critical information, actions can now be put in place, focusing on them one a time.  The most difficult discussions come here, and Operations Kickstart is focused on helping you!