Show up, Connect, and Engage

Learn how manufacturers make lasting changes

  • Understand why leaders with high emotional intelligence are more successful
  • Discover the role of emotions when the brain is under stress
  • Recognize how emotions drive behaviors which drive results
  • Utilize three ways you can use Emotional Intelligence tomorrow to engage your team
  • Discover the difference between telling employees they are valued and making them feel valued.
  • Leverage positive emotions to deepen loyalty.

Speaking From Experience

  • The interactive style, humor, and vulnerability of how Trevor has overcome his own blind spots, offers an authentic experience.
  • This expert in Emotional Intelligence offers pragmatic advice on engaging leadership topics that not only motivate – they empower attendees!
  • He is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association and Vice President of the Kentucky Chapter board.
  • A Canadian who now lives in Louisville, Kentucky, he enjoys travelling, sports, working out, and visiting local eateries. He loves to get invited to pick-up hockey games with old timers!

Why book Trevor?

How Emotional Intelligence is the heartbeat of your workforce.

With more than two thirds of employees disengaged, your company is losing profits. Developing Emotional Intelligence skills increases engagement and can give your company up to four times more
the returns than you have now. Whether you like it or not, your employee’s feelings cannot be left at the door.

How you show up effects how people feel, which impacts how they engage – and effects everything in your organization including the bottom line. Together we will explore brain science of emotional intelligence in a simple way, so you are ready to take action and leave with tactics to ignite yourself and your team.

You will learn to take those stressful intense workplace moments that stifle motivation and turn them to productive outcomes. Be transformed into the aware leader and respond intentionally instead of reacting in how you process those emotions and feelings.