What industry leaders and clients say about working with Trevor


Eric Berdan

Trevor has improved our organization’s results with his deep understanding of Emotional Intelligence and his ability to apply it.  His work up front complemented by the follow-up and connection with the team afterwards sets him apart, along with his ability to make it relevant for everyone.  He cares more about the success of the people and the results then the money that he makes.  I recommended him to our corporate group, and I would to you as well.

Eric Berdan, Major Consumer Packaged Goods Factory Manager

Trevor went the extra mile for us during the launch of our greenfield manufacturing site.  He got our staff focused on what we were actually looking for in a candidate, and how they fit into the team and work together.  With his expertise, he helped us to understand each other’s personalities, identified where our strengths lied, and set us up for success in the future!

Eduardo Quintero, Human Resource Manager, NSG Pilkington

Working with Trevor has taken me from survival mode and running around with my hair on fire, to embracing the day and taking control of it. He encouraged, motivated, and challenged me to be the best version of myself.  Providing the tools to help me understand how to crush my goals, this drove my confidence and encouraged my team to do the same, which really brought us together!

Elizabeth Hartsell, Accounting Supervisor - Martinrea International

Trevor knows what makes people tick, and what shuts them down.  Recently I took over an operation and suspected what the issues were and the culture transformation that was needed the Emotional Culture Index survey with Operations Kickstart, confirmed what I thought, and enabled us to turn that survey into a report that gave us a place to start. It really nailed where we were at! Trevor’s coaching gets your mind working and flexing its muscle. With his help we were able to change the mindset and six months later we shifted in the in the right direction.

Joe Johnson, Senior Director of Mortgage Sales at Zillow Home Loans

Jonathan Lenn

There is a simple elegance to Trevor's coaching that effortlessly moves you forward, without you even realizing how he's doing it. On many occasions, becoming aware of the need to work through a challenge or get clarity on an issue - Trevor has been the first person to come to mind, as the go-to person I'd like to work with. I've benefited from every coaching session I've had with Trevor - he offers tremendous value in both tactical and strategic settings. I'm very grateful to have been the recipient of his high-level expertise, and strongly recommend him as an executive and leadership coach for anyone seeking to truly step up.

Jonathan Lenn, Executive Coach – former Criminal Defence Lawyer


It was an eye-awakening and positive 360 EI Leadership Feedback Report I received working with Trevor.    For me, it was validation of where I was at, with the team.  I was able to place more emphasis and improve my leadership skills where it was needed.  With this unbiased assessment of how the they perceived my ability to positively influence their behaviour and engagement, I truly believe we created a stronger team with the coaching and insights.

Rob Kennedy, Martinrea International – Commercial Assistant General Manager

Mark Whitten

I have worked alongside Trevor for the past 18 months. In late 2016, I recognized the need to have external support and coaching for myself, and my team. I chose to work with Trevor because of his wide range of experience. At the time, we were experiencing both production and leadership issues. Trevor was able to jump right in to help us stabilize production operations. As we progressed through those issues, I asked Trevor to assist us in coaching our management team, which has been tremendously successful. Trevor is truly sincere and passionate about results. He has the depth of experience required to impact bottom line results. In addition, he can coach leaders on how to improve their results through people. That is what sets him apart, Trevor is not a consultant, he is a business partner who is not afraid to ask the tough questions.

Mark Whitten, General Manager, Martinrea Heavy Stamping


Zak Lane

Due to negative customer feedback, inconsistent cost of quality and unsuccessful internal training initiatives it became obvious that we needed outside support. We enlisted Trevor Blondeel and Operations Kickstart for his executive coaching and training expertise. We aimed to improve many facets through this initiative, but the most important objective was to grow our people. Our production staff is our most valuable asset, if they are not provided with the tools and knowledge required to perform their jobs properly and efficiently then our business will fail! Using small focus groups Trevor engages the entire team, leading them through process and system improvements; empowering them at all levels and facilitating line improvements, communicating from the top down.

Trevor not only provides the training and coaching necessary to improve our systems (Get Quality Right the First Time, 5S, Lean, etc.) but more importantly he provides a foundation on which Lanex can develop into a world class manufacturing facility.

Zak Lane, VP- Sales & Engineering Lanex

For manufacturing plants that are committed to moving from average or challenged to strong and successful, Trevor is your straight-line path. While his background ensures he fully understands the industry challenges, his natural ability to analyze the elements and connect with the people involved come together in a unique combination that’s hard to find. He asks the difficult questions and actively listens to provide real genuine help. I really like his way of collaborating with both plant owners and each of the key leaders at various levels. I highly recommend him.

Brian Houp, Executive Coach, ReZone Coaching


Trevor has the kind of “can do” spirit that everyone seems to be talking about today but too few people actually possess. I’ve had the pleasure of studying with Trevor as well as being coached by him. As a coach, Trevor asks insightful questions and guides his clients towards their goals. With some coaches, I’ve felt like I was stuck in neutral and navel-gazing. With Trevor I felt like I was getting clear about where I wanted to go and the best way to get there, then accelerating into effective action. Trevor is an excellent coach and strategic advisor, and I recommend Trevor without reservation.

Ron Tester,  CEO RehabTrust Inc.


I had the pleasure of working with Trevor recently, and can’t say enough about his ability to engage his clients in active coaching, problem solving, and defining a path for them to move forward. Trevor has a unique ability to draw people in, ask the relevant questions that speak directly to their desired outcomes, and make them feel comfortable as he helps them visualize change that impacts them. If you are looking for help, want an honest third party objective coach, Trevor is the person you need to call. He is a highly trusted partner with his clients, which counts for the quality of the relationship!

Annette Villamil, SHRM-SCP,  Strategic Advisor, Working Bridges



Testimonials - Kunal Sharma

Working with Trevor is about reality, real world real problems, asking the right questions to find the answers. In the past I blamed others, and now I am more self-aware and notice how my actions impact those around me. Trevor’s coaching inspired our team to meet daily and show up intentionality in how we work together. As a result, we are now hitting target dates!

Kunal Sharma, Quality Engineer at Jefferson Metal Products



Ken Testimonial

Trevor has the ability to guide people to open up and give honest feedback and opinions. Driven with expertise in Leadership, he brings fresh energy and positive change to On Time Precision.  We know “what” we want from our business and Trevor brings the “how” do we get there, supporting us not to get stuck in the day to day rut of operations. We have truly seen a difference in our bottom line with Operations Kickstart as a partner in our business!

Ken Handsaeme,  President, On Time Precision Components

Working with Trevor is an inspirational and rewarding experience. He is an outstanding collaborator who knows how to take the lead when it’s called for and how to pass the mic when it benefits the group overall. Trevor provides teammates and clients with candid observations that help everyone succeed in achieving their objectives. I would highly recommend working with Trevor when the opportunity presents itself.

Alex Green, ACC,  President Alex Green Associates LLC


Trevor’s years of leadership experience working in manufacturing with diverse teams has enhanced his unique ability to build trust in people and gain their buy-in towards a common vision thus resulting in high performing teams. Trevor has always believed in working closely with individuals to develop them to achieve their greatest potential.

Nick D’Aloia, Managing Director – Powerhouse

What’s great about Trevor is that he has in-depth understanding of the day-to-day operations of businesses, especially manufacturing, as well as what it takes to lead — and yet he is grounded and really fun to work with. He knows to his core why organizations with great products and people still experience chaos when it comes to executing and beating the competition. At the same time, he has a style that makes it really fun, engaging, and enlightening to sit down with him and figure out solutions. He is not your usual arrogant, stiff consultant type. He is genuine, high-energy, and he is going to ask you powerful questions that get you to think in new ways, inspire you, and have you bringing new ideas and actions to have your organization performing better. Trevor is exactly the right leadership advisor to contact when you feel challenged and want to break through. I have enjoyed every minute working with him and highly recommend him to you.

Andrew Neitlich,  Director, Center for Executive Coaching


Trevor knows we have the answers inside of us,and is vested in developing others to achieve success. He has an innate talent for asking the right questions that activates the kind of thinking that drives productive behavioural change. His unwavering commitment in walking the journey with you, and empowering you through his wisdom and best practices, is his trademark.

Mary DiCaro, Professional Educator in Leadership Development

Mario Soto

Trevor guided me to think about things that I have never really thought through in my professional and personal life. I received coaching to see things from a different perspective that allowed me to lead my team to achieve the company's goals and grow as a person.

Mario Soto, Quality Manager, Martinrea


Trevor is a devoted and highly skilled people helper. Having him coach me at Sarasota, Fl. was an unforgettable experience in self discovery. During my engagement with Trevor, he was not just doing the coaching routine; he truly loved to see me succeed as a leader and poured out himself to make that happen! When it comes to developing leaders or a high performance organizational culture, Trevor’s result-driven coaching style clearly spells the difference between the average and the truly exceptional. I recommend him with utmost confidence.

Ogbo Awoke Ogbo, CEO Giantthoughts International Consulting

I had the privilege of attending a webinar re: Emotional Intelligence that Trevor Blondeel was hosting! I left completely enthralled by Trevor’s presentation. I was very intrigued by the whole concept of Emotional Intelligence & was curious to explore mine personally! I contacted Trevor pronto at the close of his presentation! Trevor was quick to respond to my inquiry and swift to enact & report upon the results of this survey. The insights & interpretation Trevor provided were and are Invaluable! The results, qualitative feedback, were insightful, validating, and empowering!! I strive daily to Create the Best Version of ME, & I believed that this resource/tool could assist me in my personal growth and self discovery and that it has!! Trevor thoroughly reviewed the survey results & spent ample time allowing me to ask questions and reflect. If you are someone who leans into vulnerability and desires personal/professional growth, you will want to contact Trevor to set up your Discovery Session!

Amy Sampson – Academic Advisor at Indiana Connections Academy

Alex Smith

Trevor is a great coach and mentor that advocates EI approach to connect on a deeper level. I was able to grow over the past 12 to 18 months, and improve 2-way communication with the Team.  I am confident moving forward to both lead and follow along with them to achieve success on our journey to becoming a world class press Team

Alex Smith, Business Unit Manager - Martinrea Heavy Stamping

Trevor’s ability to mentor the concepts of responsibility and accountability through empowerment is what makes him a successful leader. He is able to drive the quality culture while increasing productivity by showing his team how to do the right things right. He successfully rolled out Get Quality Right the First Time Workshops including implementation of Andons on a complex assembly line that lead to a significant improvement in first time quality and set shift records.

Ann Parker, Global Quality Director, Cosma International

As a young leader I had a difficult time developing confidence which was having a negative impact on my performance.  Trevor recognized this, coaching me with a good balance between accountability and mentorship.  This impact on my attitude was the catalyst in improving my confidence and ultimately my performance. Today I am able to support teams through creating the right culture like Trevor did through my development.

Jad Ayoub Supervisor, Magna International