Does Emotional Intelligence Improve Safety?

January 10, 2020By OpKicksArticles by Trevor

Results from one large manufacturer bear further study. Trevor Blondeel JAN 08, 2020 At the 2019 Genos Annual Global Conference in Hawaii, participants from 17 different countries heard speakers around the theme of “Emotional Intelligence in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.” I was surprised to find that a session on the relationship between emotional intelligence … Read More

How are You Showing Up?

July 17, 2019By OpKicksArticles by Trevor

Be open to feedback about how you are perceived – turn missed targets into better results. It was a typical day in high-volume manufacturing. There was a new task at hand at the $100 million+, 300-person operation that needed to happen right away. Sound familiar? I gathered the leadership team together and explained the task … Read More

A Kickstart Edge for the New Year

January 15, 2018By OpKicksArticles by Trevor

One of my mentors Brian suggested I check out this guy Andrew Neitlich and his Center for Executive Coaching to build on my 3 Cs; Competency, Credibility, and Confidence. It exceeded my expectations and put me into turbo drive! First of all, Andrew is a unique coach and trainer, and I learned an incredible amount … Read More

Breaking the Golden Handcuffs

April 12, 2017By OpKicksArticles by Trevor

I didn’t even know I had them on. Just over a year ago, a recruiter called me about a very interesting opportunity which could have been a good fit. Through the conversation, we discussed what my salary was at that time.  He sensed my concern in what the future position compensated. He then said to … Read More

Put Some Windex On It

May 9, 2016By OpKicksArticles by Trevor

Put some Windex on it; it will fix anything.   Spending time with my wife means watching a lot of romantic comedies.   It’s because she wants to watch them and I am so supportive.  Honest.   My Big Fat Greek Wedding has become one of my favourites of the genre. Gus Portokalos, the father of the bride … Read More