Three Questions for Changing Behavior

September 16, 2022By OpKicksArticles by Trevor, Culture, Leadership, Productivity No Comments

On the manufacturing floor, there are always going to be dozens of different, diverse personalities. When people with different—or even conflicting—personalities need to engage with each other, and it can cause conflicts that drain the energy of the team, create frustration, and lead to low productivity or high turnover. However, it’s still possible for a … Read More

Think & Grow Rich

September 5, 2022By OpKicksArticles by Trevor, Book Reviews, Leadership

Think & Grow Rich | Author: Napoleon Hill, 1937 What’s It All About? Can a book written in 1937 still be relevant today? At first, I was skeptical that a book written so long ago could still have lessons for today’s leaders. But after I read another book, You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero, … Read More

Connection Before Trust: The First Step is an Inside Job!

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“My team just has too much connection!” Throughout my years of coaching and advising manufacturing leaders, this isn’t a statement I often hear. In fact, it’s usually the exact opposite. When there is a disconnect between leaders and their teams, it leads to communication challenges, poor culture, halted productivity, and a lack of trust throughout … Read More

3 Keys Ways Leaders Can Take Their Employees from “Disposable Batteries” to Energized Team Members

June 30, 2022By OpKicksEmpathy, Leadership, Podcast Preview, Productivity

Your employees aren’t batteries, so why treat them like they’re disposable or easily replaced? That’s the mindset of Josh Levin, a recent guest on the Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast and the CEO of Empowered Electric in Kansas City, Missouri. With his high energy and “people over profit” attitude, Josh is a great example of a leader … Read More

Using Empathy, Intention, and Communication

June 23, 2022By OpKicksArticles by Trevor, Culture, Leadership, Podcast Preview No Comments

Using Empathy, Intention, and Communication: The Tools for Breaking Down Barriers for Women in Manufacturing Women only account for 43% of the total workforce. Their numbers are even smaller in the manufacturing industry, with women holding around 27% to 29% of manufacturing industry jobs. To make matters worse, this percentage has stayed the same since … Read More

The Steps to Embracing Your Rubber Band Resilience

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The Steps to Embracing Your Rubber Band Resilience To learn about growth and resilience, look toward rubber bands! On a recent episode of the Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast, I welcomed corporate energy expert Kathy Parry for an energizing conversation about her ideas on “rubber band resilience” and how manufacturing leaders can embrace the strain that comes … Read More