When Results Make You a Believer — Improving Your Culture, Part 3

August 11, 2021By OpKicksArticles by Trevor, Culture, Emotional Intelligence No Comments

“Emotional intelligence” has become a buzzword lately. With a growing emphasis on culture and shortages of supply of our talented workplace, curiosity about emotional intelligence is likely to grow. An interest in emotional intelligence is probably why you opened this article, so let’s dive back into our series on emotional intelligence and how it helped … Read More

There’s No Crying in Frames: Why Leaving Your Emotions at the Door Doesn’t Work

June 28, 2021By OpKicksArticles by Trevor, Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Leadership No Comments

“There’s no crying in baseball!” Thanks to the 1992 movie A League of Their Own, where Tom Hanks plays a coach for an all-women’s baseball team, this quote has become famous and even came in at number 54 on the American Film Institute’s list of top 100 movie quotes. Like many others, I found the … Read More

Does Emotional Intelligence Improve Safety?

January 10, 2020By OpKicksArticles by Trevor, Emotional Intelligence

Results from one large manufacturer bear further study. Trevor Blondeel JAN 08, 2020 At the 2019 Genos Annual Global Conference in Hawaii, participants from 17 different countries heard speakers around the theme of “Emotional Intelligence in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.” I was surprised to find that a session on the relationship between emotional intelligence … Read More