Three Steps for Staying Curious

January 31, 2023By OpKicksArticles by Trevor, Culture, Leadership

In a recent article, I talked about why curiosity is a real superpower on the manufacturing floor. Even when a leader has great intentions or productive feedback, they may struggle to communicate with their team if they don’t have a curious mindset. Stay Curious or Shut Down Conversations?: A Case Study For example, look at … Read More

Good Intentions, Wrong Outcome: Stop Focusing on Changing behavior and inspire changes in thinking

January 17, 2023By OpKicksArticles by Trevor, Culture, Leadership

“Put on your own mask before assisting others.” If you’ve recently been on a plane, you probably heard this phrase during the pre-flight safety instructions. If there is an emergency that requires oxygen masks, you’re encouraged to put on your own oxygen masks before helping others. If you lose consciousness from a lack of oxygen, … Read More

Is Your Team Hearing What You’re Saying? Four Ways to Use Behavior to Overcome Miscommunications

January 10, 2023By OpKicksArticles by Trevor, Leadership, Podcast Preview, Productivity

When you have a conversation with a team member on the manufacturing floor, you know what you’re saying . . . but do you know what your team member is hearing? Oftentimes, we think we’re being clear but others don’t hear exactly what we’re trying to say. When this happens, it leads to Communications breakdowns. … Read More

Creating a Stronger, Safer Culture: The Basics of Psychological Safety

January 3, 2023By OpKicksArticles by Trevor, Culture, Leadership

On the manufacturing floor, you probably take steps to protect your employees from physical harm, like offering safety training on certain equipment or having clearly marked emergency exits. But are you doing enough to ensure psychological safety for your team, too? What Is Psychological Safety? The term “psychological safety” was first coined by Harvard business … Read More

Three Ways Manufacturing Leaders Can Combat “Quiet Quitting”

December 5, 2022By OpKicksArticles by Trevor, Leadership, Podcast Preview, Productivity

Do you have a team member who is putting in minimal work, hesitating to share their feedback, or acting unmotivated on the manufacturing floor? You may be dealing with “quiet quitting.” Quiet quitting is when an employee feels unfulfilled or unhappy with their job but doesn’t officially quit. Instead, they continue to show up but … Read More