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At Operations Kickstart, we help our clients maximize performance, inspiring employee engagement by unlocking people issues throughout an organization. With over 25 years of manufacturing experience, we are able to serve as your Performance Partner, providing impact-driven training and leadership development solutions that transform workplace culture, creating efficient, high functioning teams, led by strong confident leaders.

We love to travel across North America, or deliver our programs Virtually! 

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"Show up?"

Emotional Intelligence
The key difference in
high performers,
how are you ranking?

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The GREATEST Leadership Program
Focused on results, this extensive EI program measures demonstrated skills before and after!

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Your Performance Partner
Specializing in Manufacturing, the defining difference lies in this proven 3 step approach 

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25% of manufacturing workers are engaged at work, 8% less than the national average of 33% according to Gallup in its State of the American workplace, making it the least engaged industry.

What is the pulse of your floor?

How leaders “show up” at work directly impacts how the people around them feel and ultimately leads to how they perform. There are compelling and consistent findings on this correlation through organizational research. 

We now have a way to measure this virtually – for FREE!  How awesome is that?

What emotions are driving your operation, decisions, behaviors and ultimately results in your organization?

Podcast - Mindfulness Manufacturing

Mike Hillman and Trevor Blondeel have been in manufacturing for over 25 years and saw a need for mindfulness in manufacturing? For people looking for ideas to have a better day in their chaos, this is the place!

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