The Circle Check

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Every great operation has good things happening and with room for improvement. Being caught in the day to day activities and crisis, can make it difficult to see the most obvious gaps. With a keen set of eyes and over 20 years of transformational leadership, Operations Kickstart will conduct a thorough ‘circle check’ of your operations. Just like an 18 wheeler ready to take off, so is your organization, to the journey of World Class Operations.

This one day event will include job shadowing, informal interviews, and observations to assess a current state of your operation. After the analysis, Operations Kickstart will return with a formal report with recommendations, as well as the positive aspects to highlight to your team and customers.

Contact Trevor to learn how to Kickstart your Operations.

Trevor is truly sincere and passionate about results. He has the depth of experience required to impact bottom line results.

Mark Whitten
General Manager, Martinrea Heavy Stamping

Could your operations use a circle check?