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Leadership Development

Just as gears in your engine need proper maintenance to keep you moving forward, your leaders need training and tools to facilitate daily interactions and maximize communication. Blaming equipment or outside circumstances is an easy way to justify shortfalls. What is required to guide your teams to a level of success, is support and guidance.

So many visits to the to the Human Resources department can be avoided with some fundamental training, combined with dynamic role playing, to maximize your leader’s results.

Many of us leaders go through our careers earning scars from making mistakes that ultimately helped us become better leaders… and people. Drawing on these experiences, Operations Kickstart will customize programs for your organization to expedite your leader’s learning and minimize their scars!

Unleash the power of your team by providing them with confident skilled leaders to support them!

 Training Programs

Personality Dimensions

Often relationship management can tear apart a team, limiting your ability to accomplish your goals. Too often we get focused on tasks and what we perceive as the obvious roadblocks to success. Personality Dimensions offers a unique platform to explore the different personalities in your organization.

Participants will be introduced to a dynamic personality model that will help them realize their individual strengths, values, motivators and working styles, as well as those of others. You will unleash a power that comes from understanding the unique talents of your team and how to utilize and maximize their results.

In his 20 years in Operations, Trevor has found that Personality Dimensions is the training tool that is the most used and is practiced daily. Understanding different personality types and personal motivators can improve team communications and minimize waste. Whether your team is currently cohesive and wants to get to the next level, or you are facing a time of controversy, this program will enhance any teams ability to utilize everyone’s skills and learn to respect our differences.

Facilitating for Results

85% of your communication comes from your delivery, and 15% from the content. This course will enable anyone, from your senior management to your front-line leaders, to lead effective and efficient meetings. Starting with a purpose, and leaving with clear direction and action; it is about results, and this interactive session will empower leaders and build confidence.

Lead and Manage Accountably

There is a certain language to use when it comes to holding people accountable; by making some simple adjustments in our approach, acceptance of responsibility can be appreciated, and not seen as a threat. Through this course you will be guided on how to change your language and approach resulting in immediate, positive changes to your relationships. Learn how to be a boss, not a buddy, and foster a culture of discipline with respected leadership.

Developing High Performing Teams

This workshop will review different techniques to engage and motivate your team. When everyone is on board, and aligned to the vision with purpose, your achievements can be taken to the next level.

Coaching and Mentoring for Peak Performance

For anyone in a leadership role, this is our core responsibility. This workshop will explore a variety of strategies, using active role playing with actual examples. You will identify  potential gaps in your succession planning and leave with a formal evaluation to ensure your leaders are aligned on how your leaders and teas are developed.

Mastering Critical Communication Techniques That Achieve Results

Starting with a self assessment, working through interactive role playing, and ending with an evaluation, becoming a master in communications is possible with this workshop. Using proven techniques, your awareness levels will be elevated, and the tools to re-tune your engine will be available.

Your people = your most valuable asset!