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Executive Coaching

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Executive Coaching

The Control Panel fine-tunes how the entire engine works, ensuring all parts come together to create an awesome ride. Without a well defined, organized and up-to-date control panel your engine will falter, slow and may ultimately fail.

Organizations regularly invest in building leaders within their teams, without considering that upper management can also benefit from training and development. When we ask executives, “where do you go for support”, we’re often met with blank stares. Many upper managers are so busy ensuring the engine keeps running that they fail to recognize their own gaps or miss opportunities for self improvement.

It all starts at the top! Without commitment and trust from the top, an organization will not thrive. Often, it’s not external competition that causes organizations to struggle, it is the internal dysfunctions of inter communications that stop companies from going from good to great, or even surviving!

As a “strategic advisor”, Trevor will work one-on-one with your managers to assess their strengths, find opportunities for improvement and create custom programs to keep them in top form.  Depending on their needs he may provide coaching, mentoring, facilitating, training and more; whatever is needed to support your leaders and help them grow.

Even top athletes who win gold medals at the Olympics have coaches to keep them at the top of their game. Who ensures your leaders are going for the gold?

In your organization, it’s your executive team and general managers who keep your engine running.

Developmental Programs

Leadership Assessments

To know how one is truly ‘hard wired’ or what makes us do what we do, is great knowledge to accelerate one’s career.  Certified in ProfileXT Assessments, Operations Kickstart utilizes tools that reveal critical information for the leader and the candidate.  You can’t improve what you are not willing to expose, and by investing in proven individual profiles, you can develop the ability to flex styles to improve individual and overall performance.  These assessments can be facilitated in group sessions, which becomes very powerful in maximizing teams’ strengths, leading to a Positive Culture with greater performance and less stress!

Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Emotional Intelligence starts with one’s own self-awareness and can be described as simply as ‘how we show up’. Statistical data demonstrates a direct correlation between a leader’s level of emotional intelligence and employee engagement. Partnered with Genos International, a world leading provider of action oriented Emotional Intelligent Assessments, Operations Kickstart has the tools and experience to expose and improve you and your leadership team. Once a person understands their own emotions, they can then be reflective and gain feedback to understand how people are seeing their behavior and what may be causing it. We apply core emotional intelligence skills that enhance your self-awareness, empathy, leadership and resilience. EI is just like golf, we may not be able to get you to swing a perfect shot every time, but with a little bit of vulnerability, you certainly could be hitting that nice shot more often!

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