Podcast - Mindfulness Manufacturing

Mike Hillman and Trevor Blondeel worked together as partners running manufacturing facilities, and they were not always ‘Mindful’!  They didn’t have a resource like this when they were caught in the whirlwind of manufacturing. 

Experience taught them that you can be assertive and drive accountability in manufacturing, and also be kind.  Inspired by the desire to make manufacturing a better place to work, and improve the lives of their colleagues, this podcast was born. 

Their intriguing offsets and authentic guests provide new ways of thinking for their audience. Have a listen to this relaxed, candid format you can consume on your drive to work, or whenever you are just looking for a different perspective!

Working with Trevor is an inspirational and rewarding experience. He is an outstanding collaborator who knows how to take the lead when it’s called for and how to pass the mic when it benefits the group overall. Trevor provides teammates and clients with candid observations that help everyone succeed in achieving their objectives. I would highly recommend working with Trevor when the opportunity presents itself.

Alex Green, ACC,  President Alex Green Associates LLC