People, your most valuable resource...

help them to be the best they can be!

ignition Training

Operations Kickstart provides training and development solutions that cultivate workplaces where building up people and growing revenue work hand in hand.  By developing trusting, respectful relationships, that lead to a transformed workplace culture, Operations Kickstart creates efficient, high functioning teams lead by strong, confident leaders.

After we complete a thorough “Circle Check”, we will assess your needs and create customized training to ignite your team and maximize their performance

The Control Panel

Executive Coaching – The Control Panel fine-tunes how the entire engine works, ensuring all parts come together to create an awesome ride. In your organization, it’s your executive team and general managers who keep your engine running. Who keeps them in top form?

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The Gears

Leadership Development – Just as gears in your engine need proper maintenance to keep you moving forward, your leaders need training and tools to facilitate daily interactions and maximize communication.

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The Mechanics

Operational Structure – Like the components that keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently, these technical functions will put your organization in a position to sustain your improvements and provide limitless growth.

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“Sometimes team members become victim to the ‘that’s the way it is, that’s the way the boss wants it’ thinking. What if we created an open playing field, where, if you came up with a good idea there would be multiple ways it would be supported?” Trevor Blondeel, founder Operations Kickstart

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